viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

How do we pronounce Latin at school?

Students from Πειραματικό Λύκειο Αγίων Αναργύρων and from IES de Poio present two short films on Hercules and Cacus.
Listen to story of Cacus narrated by Titus Livius in his word Ab Urbe Condita (I. 7. 4-7), notice the differences in the way students from Greece (1st video) and from Spain (2nd video)pronounce Latin, and try to answer the questions!
In case you need a dictionary, click here!

Here's the Latin text and here's an English translation of the passage.
If you want to know more about Latin pronunciation, click here!
If you want to hear Latin and ancient Greek poetry recited, then you can click here and here!


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Carmen Fernández dijo...

Awesome, Alexandra!.

Your idea has just become
a great post.
I remember the time you mentioned it in Budapest.

Recording the video was really funny.
The post is very instructive.

Thank you so much.

Álvaro P. Vilariño dijo...

Noraboa polo gran traballo que estades realizando (e mostrando) neste blog.
Gustaríavos engadilo ao planeta de blogs de Chiron?
Só tedes que mandar un correo a

Carmen Fernández dijo...

Graciñas, Álvaro.

Participei no curso de Chiron en Santiago no ano 2008.

Esa experiencia servíume para entrar neste mundo e para aprender unha morea de cousas. E enganchoume.

Fóstedes todos vos uns profesores magníficos.